Polo Helios

for the Renewable Solar Energy Thermal and Thermodynamic Resources

Since 1998, the Polo Group have been world leaders in the development of vacuum, helium leak
testing and automated tip-off applications.

By creating partnerships with global manufacturers such as Sony, Thomson, Samsung and
most recently Schott and Archimede Solar Energy, Polo has transferred their knowledge and
manufacturing excellence to Thermal and Thermodynamic Solar Energy Development.

POLO HELIOS is the new arm of the Polo Group dedicated to this exciting new field of industry.

POLO HELIOS can offer technical support to manufacturers of domestic heat pipes as well as solar
power plants.

POLO HELIOS technologies can be adapted to manufacturing production lines for:

  • Metal / Glass welding Helium Leak test for CSP HCE and Flat Vacuum Panels;
  • Vacuum Degassing Ovens and Vacuum Carts;
  • Automatic Glass Vacuum Port Electrical Sealing (Tip-Off) for CSP HCE and Flat Vacuum Panels;
  • Thermal Dilatation Compensators for CSP HCE;
  • Mini CSP Plants for Low and Medium Temperature.

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