for the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning World


Since its inception, POLO has focused on the continous improvement of its customers’ manufacturing processes, with a dedicated product line specific for assembly lines of refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners, both for domestic and industrial use, as well as for gas and fluid filling in the automotive market.


The design of each strategic component of our machines, even minor ones, originates entirely inside POLO; our Staff includes specific and dedicated Divisions for Mechanics, Pneumatic Devices, Electronic Control Boards, Firmware and Software.

Our Products have been developed through exhaustive pre-series production and relevant in-field tests.

All the mechanical machining is performed inhouse at our own workshop; the assembly of the Control Boards, as well as the PCB, comes from well-known specialized Companies selected according to our strict manufacturing quality standards.

A large quantity of pre-machined parts, components and electronic control boards are kept in stock, ready to be assembled quickly, greatly reducing delivery time to meet the requirements of our customers.


At Polo our customers are much more than customers; thanks in large part to their very close co-operation, we have had the opportunity to develop our present product catalog. In fact, we prefer to call our customers «Partners», because it is through partnership with them that we have developed Innovative Production Solutions and Industrial Applications, solutions that later became the standard for the refrigeration industry worldwide. A particular thanks is owed to the Engineers and Managers that have believed in us, both as Customers and Suppliers.

Ariada in Russia; Kelon, Royalstar and Haier in China; Haier USA, LG and Samsung in South Korea; Ford and Metalfrio in Brasil; LTH in Slovenia; Carrier in Hungary, Fiat in Italy, Argentine and Brasil; Adixen in France; Carrier, Carpigiani, Haier, CNH-New Holland, Candy, Ferroli, Angelantoni, Loccioni and Whirlpool in Italy.