End of Line Electrical and Performance Tests

The End of Line Tests are mainly dedicated to two specific applications:

  • Electrical Safety tests
  • Performance Tests, both for the Production Lines and for Climatic Test Rooms

Polo provoides the following models of End of Line Test equipment:

  1. ST100 for Tests of Earth Continuity, Insulation Resistance, Rigidity, Current Leakage and Amps Consuption for Single Phase Products up to 3 KVA;
  2. ST300: same Tests as ST100 for three Phase products up to 10 KVA
  3. PTT800: 8 Channel Temperature Recorder, Amps, Current Consumption and Cos φ
  4. CAR10: complete acquisition measuring system with multiple Data Recorders model ACF1 (4 temp. + current) connected by Wire or RF Transmission (for carousel solutions)

A wide range of Accessories and Customized Solutions are available including, Barcode Readers, Printers, Insulation Transformers for Hot Tests and Wattmeters for high accuracy measurements.

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