Helium and Hydrogen Leak Test Technology

Leak Detection using Helium or Hydrogen (5% mixture with N2) as a tracer gas is the most accurate, ecological and non-destructive technology available on the market today.

This technology can be applied in four main operative methods:

  1. Manual Sniffng: He or H2 pressurization inside the Item to be tested, and by use of a pen, manually sniff to detect and locate leaks;
  2. Automatic Gas Trap: He pressurization inside the Item to be tested, and by use of Dedicated Automatic Gas Traps, detect globally and locate locally each possible leak point;
  3. Outside-In: Vacuum / Leak Detector connected to the Item to be tested and He «fog» surrounding Item to be tested; He is drawn in by vacuum and detected.
  4. Inside Out: He pressurizzation inside the Item to be tested, with Item placed inside a Dedicated Vacuum Chamber connected to the Leak Detector. He drawn out of the Item to be tested and detected by Leak Detector.

Polo can supply both standard Catalog Products, such as «UNO He» and «UNO He-GT», as well as custom equipment for special applications, designed according to the accuracy and productivity needs of the Customer.

Each of Polo’s equipment can be enhanced by numerous Accessories and Options such as Barcode Readers, Printers, «Booster» Recovery and Resupply System for He, Commercially-available name brand leak detectors, Internet Remote Service and dedicated software for Production Traceability.

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