Pneumatic Refrigerant Gas Transfer Pump series PTG

The Refrigerant Gas Transfer Pumps from Polo’s PTG family are fully pneumatic with Double Effect Pistons (push and pull) and are very robust and reliable.

The PTG pumps have Refrigerant Heads made in anodized l.a. ERGAL and the Refrigerant Cylinders of fully-chromed Carbon Steel.

The Transfer Pumps are used to supply the Refrigerant Gas in Liquid Phase, with a Compression Ratio of the Vapor Pressure (Pv) of 3,85 (Pa), where (Pa) is the Compressed Air Pressure, adjustable between 1 and 8 Bar.

The PTG pumps include a fine mesh Gas Filter, Compressed Air Pressure Regulator and Filter, 3/8” Quick Connection Inlet and Outlet Ports, and on request, a suitable Nitrogen Pressure Accumulator with Floating Piston.

The PTG series is composed by the following two models:

PTG100 – with a volume capacity of 1 liter
PTG300 – with a volume capacity of 3.2 liters

The N2 Pressure Accumulators are available with an internal Volume of 1 to 16 liters.

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