Pressure Decay Leak Test Technology

Leak Testing using Pressure Decay Technology provides the advantage of being fully-automatic (not operator-dependent) and is a reasonably low capital investment. The Pressure Decay Leak Tests can be performed both by adopting traditional high-accuracy «Absolute» pressure
sensors, calibrated at the required pressure limit, as well as by a Differential Sensor circuit, which automatically compares the pressure drop of the Item to be tested with the pressure drop of a known fixed volume, able to detect a few Pascals worth of pressure fluctuation.

Pressure Decay Leak Technology is a «go/no-go» test type, and does not give any indication of the location of the leak. The result of the test can only indicate the total (global) leakage of the tested Item. For this reason, each unit in Polo’s Pressure Decay Leak Test product family can also be supplemented with a Tracer Gas Pressurizzation device, to be used with a Leak Detector such as a tracer gas sniffer, in order to locate the leak or leaks in the Items that have not previously passed the automatic test.

Polo can supply both standard Catalog Products, such as «Press.One» and «Press.Ino», as well as custom equipment for special applications, designed according to the Accuracy and Productivity needs of the Customer.

Each of Polo’s equipment can be enhanced by numerous Accessories and Options such as Barcode Readers, Printers, «Booster» Recovery and Resupply System for He, Commercially-available name brand leak detectors, Internet Remote Service and dedicated software for
Production Traceability.

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