Refrigerant Bottle and Tank Filling

Through years of experience, Polo has developed a series of products designed for Companies who are in the business of Filling and Re-filling Refrigering Bottles and Tanks, organizations of all sizes from large industrial plants to small local distributors.

The Vacuum and Gas Filling Units in the Polo «FAST.O» product family are powered by a series of Pneumatic Gas Transfer Pumps model PTG300 which facilitates the assembly of Automatic gas filling Lines for any specific need or production capacity. The Injectors are provided with Quick Connection Ports 21,7×1/14” with three valves (vacuum, charge and recovery), in order to prevent gas dispersion during disconnection.

Our Units:

FAST.O – Vacuum and Gas Filling Station with Single Working Position, for Bottles and Tanks
from 1 to 50 Kgs.

FAST.O HP – Vacuum and Gas Filling Station with Three/Six/Nine and multiple of three
Positions, for Tanks from 5 to 50 Kgs.

FAST.O D – Vacuum and Gas Filling Station for Drums from 500 to 1’000 Kgs.

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