Refrigerant Leak Test Technology

Leak Detection of circuits pressurized with refrigerant gas is really usefull both for the End of Line production as well as for the repair and maintenance phases.

Thanks to the various Infrared Sensors available for all of the refrigerant gases on the market, including Hydrocarbons R290 and R600, it is possible to verify and detect a leak in a range lower than 0.5 g/year.

Polo supplies two solutions based on infrared technology:

  1. PLD1000 – digital instrument with manual sniffer pen;
  2. PLD5000 – digital instrument with automatic detection by gas traps.

The IR (infrared) sensors are more accurate and selective than common halogen sensors and can perform accurate tests with a repeatibility and precision very close to expensive and delicate mass spectrometer instruments. The PLD units are simple to use and very robust, as
required for industrial applications.

Polo can also provide a series of accessories such as Calibrated Leak Standards for any type of Refrigerant Gas, as well as Barcode Readers, Printers and a software package for service by remote control and Production Traceability (available for PLD5000 only).

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